Xorix Media

Success does not exist in the perfection of one set of skills, but rather the counter-balanced skills of many.

Who we are

We are a symbiotic team of creative video and broadcast people. Together, we are able to produce highly emotive, target driven video content and delivery it to the world using the latest technological live-streaming platforms. From Video Production, to Live-Event Production, Webcasting, Live-Streaming, Hosting and Media Management – we have the experience to share your message.


An ambitious mix of creative vision and strong execution ensures every angle is observed, imagined and manifested without loss of creative impact. We don’t just imagine ideas, we analyse them with respect to the target audience, service or product being promoted and the overall longevity of the message to inspire brand strength position.


Energy and attitude forms the foundation of our passion. The pursuit of achieving the ‘extraordinary’ is our mission. Courage drives us towards the things we can not yet see. A commitment to learning develops our knowledge. We are underpinned by quality, speed and consistency. We are addicted to change.


We embrace the relentless pace of technology by investing in the latest technology and equipment to empower our crew to produce only the highest quality of work. We understand that if we invest in our technology we can continue to lead and develop better systems and workflow to meet and exceed industry standards.


We encourage open-minds by supporting emerging talent. Dynamic teams interpret challenges as opportunities for growth. To give our best to our clients, we first give our best to our people.