Xorix Media

Born and raised in Australia, our CEO and Founder Attila Kovacs completed tertiary education in 1999 and went on to forge a career within the Television and Media industry. Overtime, Attila became restless with the slow-paced nature of climbing the career ladder and started to look outside of the television industry to further his professional development.


In September 2019, Rubii launches a media production company called Xorix Media. Xorix Media is a full-service digital media service provider with a network of highly skilled creatives in Australia, New Zealand, USA. All post-production support is uploaded daily to its parent company Rubii located in the Philippines. This resulted in high quality media production at super-low rates to its foreign clients.


In 2017, heavy investment into securing grade-A commercial space, infrastructure, technologies and other support services, Rubii firmly grounds itself into the BPO space and gears up to release its premium offshore human resource solutions to the world.


By late 2016, a further two highly complex divisions of the media agency were successfully mirrored offshore. With zero negative impact to product quality and services, confidence grew for the media agency and migration of teams continued. By early 2017, back-office operations in Australia ceased operations and the Philippines became the new nerve-centre.


By mid-2015, the media agency management team had successfully mirrored one of its most technically challenging Australian-based production divisions in Manila. The gateway had been opened to fully embracing offshore production.


In 2014, fuelled by an increasing desire to make offshore outsourcing a success, the management team packed its bags and set off to Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and the Philippines to discover first hand if the prospects of setting up its own outsourcing facility was a viable option. Manila, the Capital of the Philippines became the new resting ground.


In 2011 and 2013, the media agency trialled various offshore outsourcing companies (also known as BPOs) to provide high-level back-office services, without success.


By 2010, the media agency had grown to one of Australia’s largest digital content suppliers in its sector employing over 30 full time staff across Australia, a network of 30+ freelancers and contractors. Head office was located in Sydney, Australia with satellite offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Canberra (Australian Capital Territory)


In 2005, a media agency was incorporated in Sydney, Australia specialising in premium digital content services for small to medium enterprises. This would be the ‘birth’ of the first outsourcing solution to be provided, but not offshore.